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403: SAFE Love: How the Empowerment Wheel Helps Couples Find Their Way from Chaos to Loving Strong

Sheri Keffer, Ph.D.
Dr. Sheri Keffer
901 Dove St., Ste. 140
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Every one of us has had to wrestle with crazy making power struggles in relationships at one time or another. Much like getting stuck on an out-of-control merry-go-round, couples can feel helpless and do not know how to get off. In this workshop, we will uncover the roles that cause couples to react as they give up their power by moving into toxic power struggles (the victim position, blame, entitlement, offending behaviors, co-dependency, sexual compulsivity, addictions, etc.). By using Dr. Sheri’s Empowerment Wheel,™ you will learn how to help your clients take ownership of their stance, use their voices, and make their way to more life-giving choices. As each partner learns how to move into these responsive stances, they will find freedom, feel less stuck, and become more empowered to take responsibility over what they can do. This creates SAFE love.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Discuss how shame is the culprit of all chaos, including three general movements of shame caused by trauma
• Identify the five stages of reactivity that cause toxic power struggles, and the five empowered responsive stances that create robust patterns of connecting that can be used in therapy by licensed mental health professionals
• Describe through client videos how The Empowerment Wheel™ can bring quick awareness to reactivity and benefit the coupleship by exploring new patterns of loving strong

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